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Can i cancel my bid?2023-02-10T07:25:45+00:00

All bids are final and cannot be canceled or removed due to mistakes or a change of heart. Please be sure of the amount you are bidding and your decision to bid.

How do I know if I am buying from a dealer or private individual?2023-02-10T07:25:28+00:00

At the bottom of the Key Information box which is located on the righthand side of any listing it will state if this listing is Private or Dealer.

How do I know someone won’t steal my bid in the last seconds of the auction?2023-02-10T07:25:08+00:00

If any bid is placed in the last 2 minutes the auction will automatically be extended by another 2 minutes. There is no limit to the time extensions to give everyone enough time to have a fair chance at winning the auction.

Does my bid include taxes and duties?2023-02-10T07:24:42+00:00

All vehicles sold are excluding on road costs which are payable by the purchaser in the state they are to register the vehicle.

What happens once I have won an auction?2023-02-10T07:24:09+00:00

When you have successfully won an auction a 6% buyer’s premium with a minimum of $1,000 and maximum of $10,000 inclusive of GST is deducted from your credit card. This amount does not come out of your final bid as this full final bid goes to the seller.

How do I keep track of an auction?2023-02-10T07:23:45+00:00

You can add an auction to your watch list, this can be done by either clicking the “add to watch list” icon inside the auction listing or by clicking the star icon in the thumbnail of each auction. This will then send you updates of bids, reserve changes or when an auction is coming to an end etc.

How do I register to bid?2023-02-10T07:23:27+00:00

Once you have created an account you need to verify your credit card details by adding them to your “Payment Methods” section of your account. This can be found by clicking “My Account” in the top corner of any page of our website.

How do I contact the seller during the auction?2023-02-10T07:23:05+00:00

Questions can be submitted at the bottom of each auction listing, with common questions being posted once they have been answered.

Can I view the auction lot?2023-02-10T07:22:42+00:00

We aim to provide all of the possible information you would need to make the most informed buying decision, however if you would like to view the auction item then you can arrange that with the seller.

Does the listing include a road worthy certificate?2023-02-10T07:22:21+00:00

All vehicle auctions are sold excluding on road costs and without a road worthy certificate unless advertised otherwise.

Does this auction have a reserve price?2023-02-10T07:21:44+00:00
How do i pay the seller?2023-02-10T07:21:05+00:00
How much does it cost to buy an auction lot?2023-02-10T07:20:47+00:00
I am having a technical issue.2023-02-10T07:20:22+00:00

Please contact us for any issue.

I am not receiving email updates even though I am subscribed.2023-02-10T07:26:43+00:00
I still don’t understand how this all works.2023-02-10T07:19:45+00:00

We are here to provide the best buying and selling experience possible, please feel free to contact us to discuss the process of buying or selling via phone or email.

Can I lower my reserve during the auction?2023-02-10T07:17:32+00:00

Yes, you can lower your reserve at any time during the auction.

How does Buy It Now work?2023-02-10T07:16:22+00:00

Buy it now offers any unsuccessful auction a further 7 days (extension possible) to have your listing available for a buy it now price and the ability for buyers to place offers and then in turn you may submit a counteroffer or accept.

What happens to the listing once the auction has finished?2023-02-10T07:16:01+00:00

If your auction has been successful then it will appear in our sold section with the bid history and comments removed. If it was unsuccessful then it will be taken down however will still be able to be found via online search engines.

What happens if the auction finishes and my reserve price is not met?2023-02-10T07:15:43+00:00

There will be a 24-hour period you have to accept the highest bid, if no response is received in 24 hours than that will be taken as a decline of the highest bid. You then have the option to list it in the Buy It Now section to arrange a post auction sale.

What happens once my auction has finished?2023-02-10T07:18:03+00:00

If the final bid has been successful in meeting your reserve price and the buying premium has been paid, we will digitally introduce you to the winning bidder to complete the transaction.

Can I cancel my auction once it goes live?2023-02-10T07:18:10+00:00

Once your auction has gone live you cannot cancel. If you do withdraw your auction once it has gone live you will be required to pay the fees outlined in our terms and conditions.

Who takes the photos of my listing?2023-02-10T07:18:16+00:00

As part of providing the most detailed listings available all of our vehicle listings will have a minimum of 100 photographs highlighting all of the details specified in the listing. If you are not able to provide this yourself, we have a team of professional photographers Australia wide that are available for very reasonable amount.

Do I need to make my listing available to be inspected?2023-02-10T07:18:19+00:00

The aim of Trading Garage is to provide sufficient information that buyers will feel confident to purchase your listing unseen, however there will always be buyers that need to see your listing with their own eyes. Only verified bidders are able to request to view an auction lot and to date 100% of auctions have been sold sight unseen.

What is the process of listing an auction?2023-02-10T07:18:26+00:00

Once we receive your listing submission, we will make contact with you to discuss and agree a reserve price. From that point we will then organise photography, draft your listing and await your final sign off to schedule your auction.

Can I set a reserve price for my auction?2023-02-10T07:18:30+00:00

A reserve price is the lowest price that your auction will sell for. Once your listing is deemed suitable, we will then work with you on a realistic reserve price to ensure a successful auction.

How much information do you need about my listing?2023-02-10T07:18:33+00:00

We aim to be the most informative and accurate online platform available, once your listing has been accepted, we will make contact with you to obtain all of the details, warts and all.

How do I submit a listing?2023-02-10T07:08:03+00:00

To submit either a car, race car or number plate click here. We will get back to you within two business days to discuss your submission further.

What kind of listings will you accept?2023-02-10T07:07:31+00:00

Anything interesting or rare with a realistic reserve price will be accepted for listing.

How much does it cost to list and sell on Trading Garage?2023-02-10T07:06:51+00:00

There are no fees to list with Trading Garage and you will receive 100% of the final sale price.


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