Financial Service

At the pinnacle

of the collector car market
stands our auction house,

renowned for its expansive market analysis and valuation prowess. With extensive knowledge of the financial sector, we offer a customized financing package that aligns with your financial goals, all while providing a swift and precise evaluation of your vehicle or collection.


Superior Automotive


and Valuation Proficiency – Our team of Car Specialists, Appraisers, and Researchers, combined with our extensive network of relationships with manufacturers and historians, results in unparalleled expertise in almost every aspect of the car market.

Personalized and

Adaptive Solutions

Our ability to design innovative solutions to address our clients’ financing needs sets us apart. Our focus is on providing financial support for the collection and sale of the finest cars, not just selling standardized lending products, and we are dedicated to working closely with you to fulfill your financing requirements and establish a long-lasting partnership.



By lending directly to our clients, taking advantage of our robust financial standing, we eliminate the need for a broker or middleman. This allows us to make prompt decisions to cater to your needs.